ICT Resources is a global supplier of products at wholesale prices. We typically support and work hand in hand with the existing procurement teams within companies to help eliminate any communication lag, while securing the most suitable product and most favorable deal for your organization.

We believe our clients deserve the best products at the best prices, so we never stop talking and negotiating with all our manufacturers and suppliers. We also inspect your goods to ensure they are accurately cataloged, received, and inspected prior to shipment, this reduces the possibility of damaged or incorrect items being delivered to your organization. We package all our goods carefully, ensuring they will arrive with you in perfect condition. 

We take into consideration the nature of the goods, mode of transport, security, and protection against damage. It is important to us that you are happy with the goods when you receive them, and they are in perfect condition. These are what drives our ability to stay ahead of other procurement services companies with regards to price, service, supply, and most importantly support.

Our goal is to be an extension of your business and improve the turnaround time it takes to receive quotes and deliver product information to your organization. We also support and take care of all product-related issues, warranties, follow-ups, etc. on products you purchase. For example, if there is a fault with any hardware purchased, we will find a solution. ICT Resources helps you improve on your current process by having fewer touch points with multiple suppliers and manufacturers.

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